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Google Cloud Migration Part3

Continuing from Part 1 I had a change of heart…

I decided I really wanted my wild-card mail boxes (it’s a great way to manage spam) and I also noticed Cloudflare had launched their inbound mail relay service. The new plan is

  • Inbound mail goes to Cloudflare who redirect it to whoever it’s for gmail account
  • The gmail accounts are set up with an alias and a SMTP server (AWS SES) for to allow sending of emails from my domain
  • Wildcards are resolved by cloudflare and set to a suitable mailbox

Cloudflare Setup

The email features of Cloudflare are in beta, but they seem pretty easy to get onto. While I was on I moved many of my domains over to Cloudflare as their DNS registrar is cheaper than most.

Once there it was a doddle to set up the relevant records. It’s important to set up DKIM/SPF records (cloudflare help) to ensure your outbound emails don’t get flagged as SPAM.


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