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Google Cloud Migration Part3

Continuing from Part 1 I had a change of heart… I decided I really wanted my wild-card mail boxes (it’s a great way to manage spam) and I also noticed Cloudflare had launched their inbound mail relay service. The new plan is Inbound mail goes to Cloudflare who redirect it to whoever it’s for gmail account The gmail accounts are set up with an alias and a SMTP server (AWS SES) for gidley. Read more →

Google Cloud Migration Part2

Continuing from Part 1 the next task is to migrate email archives from Google Workspace email to the destination. I decided to Use iCloud as the new primary domain Use as a backup for my old archive I split it like this as I have email going back a long time and frankly searching them is becomming a hassle. Migrating a Mailbox Migrating the mailbox is pretty straight forward - I decided to use imapsync running on a ‘free’ Google cloud instance. Read more →

Google Cloud Migration

I’ve been a user of Google Workspace for ‘’ email for me and my family pretty much since it launched. At launch it was ‘free’ for small users and over the decade I’ve been using it they have slowly moved it over to a paid service putting us ‘legacy’ users on a special (still free) plan. Google have finally decided it’s time to stop us freeloaders… so it’s time to migrate. Read more →

Google Pixel - Initial Review

I ordered a Google Pixel when they were released as I needed a new personal Android phone and generally the Nexus line has been very good, so I thought I’d try the Pixel. Some initial comments It looks nice, it compares well to my (work) iPhone 6 from a looks point of view The finger print reader is great, so far much more accurate and quick than my iphone one which seems to be getting slower and slower The USB cable ‘port your phone’ thing didn’t work at all with my old Android Phone (A Moto X). Read more →