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Google Cloud Migration Part2

Continuing from Part 1 the next task is to migrate email archives from Google Workspace email to the destination.

I decided to

  • Use iCloud as the new primary domain
  • Use as a backup for my old archive I split it like this as I have email going back a long time and frankly searching them is becomming a hassle.

Migrating a Mailbox

Migrating the mailbox is pretty straight forward - I decided to use imapsync running on a ‘free’ Google cloud instance. Using the cloud for this has the benefit of lots of bandwidth and being able to leave it running.

The command to sync a mailbox, into an archivemail folder is something like

./imapsync --gmail1 -user1 USERNAME --password1 PASSWORD --host2 --user2 USERNAME --password2 PASSWORD  --subfolder2 archivemail

I ran it in a tmux session so I could be sure it would keep running. imapsync is capable of being stopped and picking up from where it left off (it only copies items not already copied) so is quite an efficent way to do this.

It’s still running now, (it’s going to take a while I have 20GB+ of archives…) so I think that’s as far as I can go for now!


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