Gidley, Herbert Howard

Birth Name Gidley, Herbert Howard
Gramps ID I0311
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1886    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Gidley, William Griffith [I0307]
Mother Hawke, Jemima [I0308]
    Brother     Gidley, Harold George [I0303]
    Sister     Gidley, Ethel Minnie [I0309]
    Brother     Gidley, Reginald William [I0310]
         Gidley, Herbert Howard [I0311]
    Sister     Gidley, Leila Margaret [I0312]
    Sister     Gidley, Hilda Violet [I0313]
    Sister     Gidley, Edith Gladys [I0314]
    Sister     Gidley, Dorothy May [I0315]
    Brother     Gidley, Norman Griffith [I0348]


    Family of Gidley, Herbert Howard and Bradley, Olive [F0162]
Unknown Partner Bradley, Olive [I0318]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1913-03-22 Mutley, Devon, UK  


  1. Gidley, William Griffith [I0307]
    1. Hawke, Jemima [I0308]
      1. Gidley, Harold George [I0303]
      2. Gidley, Ethel Minnie [I0309]
      3. Gidley, Reginald William [I0310]
      4. Gidley, Herbert Howard
        1. Bradley, Olive [I0318]
      5. Gidley, Leila Margaret [I0312]
      6. Gidley, Hilda Violet [I0313]
      7. Gidley, Edith Gladys [I0314]
      8. Gidley, Dorothy May [I0315]
      9. Gidley, Norman Griffith [I0348]