Gidley, Reginald William

Birth Name Gidley, Reginald William
Gramps ID I0310
Gender male
Age at Death 85 years, 17 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1882    
Death 1967-01-18 Plymouth, Devon, UK  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Gidley, William Griffith [I0307]
Mother Hawke, Jemima [I0308]
    Brother     Gidley, Harold George [I0303]
    Sister     Gidley, Ethel Minnie [I0309]
         Gidley, Reginald William [I0310]
    Brother     Gidley, Herbert Howard [I0311]
    Sister     Gidley, Leila Margaret [I0312]
    Sister     Gidley, Hilda Violet [I0313]
    Sister     Gidley, Edith Gladys [I0314]
    Sister     Gidley, Dorothy May [I0315]
    Brother     Gidley, Norman Griffith [I0348]


    Family of Gidley, Reginald William and , Florrie [F0160]
Unknown Partner , Florrie [I0316]
    Family of Gidley, Reginald William and , Elsie [F0161]
Unknown Partner , Elsie [I0317]


  1. Gidley, William Griffith [I0307]
    1. Hawke, Jemima [I0308]
      1. Gidley, Harold George [I0303]
      2. Gidley, Ethel Minnie [I0309]
      3. Gidley, Reginald William
        1. , Florrie [I0316]
        2. , Elsie [I0317]
      4. Gidley, Herbert Howard [I0311]
      5. Gidley, Leila Margaret [I0312]
      6. Gidley, Hilda Violet [I0313]
      7. Gidley, Edith Gladys [I0314]
      8. Gidley, Dorothy May [I0315]
      9. Gidley, Norman Griffith [I0348]