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Google Pixel - Initial Review

I ordered a Google Pixel when they were released as I needed a new personal Android phone and generally the Nexus line has been very good, so I thought I’d try the Pixel.

Some initial comments

  • It looks nice, it compares well to my (work) iPhone 6 from a looks point of view
  • The finger print reader is great, so far much more accurate and quick than my iphone one which seems to be getting slower and slower
  • The USB cable ‘port your phone’ thing didn’t work at all with my old Android Phone (A Moto X). Instead I had to do it via the cloud
  • It’s really quick - both apps and data seem faster that my old phone. Data is a bit odd as am in same place with same signal, but it does seem faster (good job I have unlimited data)
  • The camera is very good (as reported), it won’t be replacing my DSLR for ‘good’ shots, but for quick shots it’s very good.

Overall it looks like a nice phone, I’ll have to use it for a few weeks to see how good it really is!


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