Mutley, Devon, UK

Gramps ID P0115
City Mutley
County Devon
Country UK


  1. Bradley, Olive [I0318]
  2. Family of Gidley, Harold George and Whitburn, Edith Elizabeth
    1. Gidley, Harold George [I0303]
    2. Whitburn, Edith Elizabeth [I0304]
  3. Family of Gidley, Herbert Howard and Bradley, Olive
    1. Bradley, Olive [I0318]
    2. Gidley, Herbert Howard [I0311]
  4. Family of Langworthy, Stan and Gidley, Dorothy May
    1. Gidley, Dorothy May [I0315]
    2. Langworthy, Stan [I0320]
  5. Gidley, Dorothy May [I0315]
  6. Gidley, Harold George [I0303]
  7. Gidley, Herbert Howard [I0311]
  8. Langworthy, Stan [I0320]
  9. Whitburn, Edith Elizabeth [I0304]