Gateshead, Durham, UK

Gramps ID P0004
City Gateshead
County Durham
Country UK


  1. Barras, Grace [I0104]
  2. Family of Selby, George and Wilson, Elizabeth
    1. Selby, George [I0100]
    2. Wilson, Elizabeth [I0101]
  3. Family of Selby, Josiah and Stevenson, Ann
    1. Selby, Josiah [I0099]
    2. Stevenson, Ann [I0126]
  4. Family of Wilson, Edward and Barras, Grace
    1. Barras, Grace [I0104]
    2. Wilson, Edward [I0103]
  5. Schofield, Ann [I0023]
  6. Selby, George [I0100]
  7. Selby, Josiah [I0099]
  8. Stevenson, Ann [I0126]
  9. Wilson, Edward [I0103]
  10. Wilson, Elizabeth [I0101]