This page contains an index of all the places in the database, sorted by their title. Clicking on a place’s title will take you to that place’s page.

Letter Name State Country Latitude Longitude
A Addingham, Yorkshire, UK [P0047]   UK 53°56'37.68"N 1°53'06.00"W
  Allendale, Northumberland, UK [P0082]   UK 54°53'52.44"N 2°15'17.64"W
  Alnwick, Northumberland, UK [P0009]   UK 55°24'46.08"N 1°42'24.12"W
  Alston, Cumbria, UK [P0072]   UK 54°48'43.92"N 2°26'19.68"W
  Alwinton, Northumberland, UK [P0076]   UK 55°21'01.80"N 2°07'37.20"W
  Antrim, Ireland, UK [P0084]   UK 54°49'01.20"N 6°23'24.00"W
  Appleton Roebuck, Yorkshire, UK [P0027]   UK None None
  Arlesey, Bedfordshire, UK [P0091]   UK 52°01'04.80"N 0°15'48.60"W
  Askrigg, Yorkshire, UK [P0051]   UK    
B Bedale, Yorkshire, UK [P0065]   UK    
  Bedford [P0101]        
  Belford, Northumberland, UK [P0005]   UK    
  Berwick, Northumberland, UK [P0006]   UK    
  Bishop Auckland, Durham, UK [P0014]   UK    
  Bishopwearmouth [P0023]        
  Blunham, Bedfordshire, UK [P0060]   UK    
  Bolnhurst, Bedfordshire, UK [P0104]   UK    
  Brancepeth, Durham, UK [P0068]   UK    
  Brington, Bedfordshire, UK [P0019]   UK    
  Brisbane, Australia [P0028]   Australia    
  Brotton, Yorkshire, UK [P0052]   UK    
  Buckden, Cambridgeshire, UK [P0057]   UK    
  Buckfastleigh, Devon, UK [P0109]   UK    
  Buckworth, Hunts, UK [P0062]   UK    
  Burnley, Lancashire, UK [P0147]   UK    
C Carnforth, Lancashire, UK [P0145]   UK    
  Catterick, Yorkshire, UK [P0043]   UK    
  Chatton, Northumberland, UK [P0008]   UK    
  Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK [P0114]   UK    
  Chester Le Street [P0040]        
  Church Knowle, Dorset, UK [P0079]   UK    
  Cockerton, Durham, UK [P0031]   UK    
D Darlington, Durham, UK [P0002]   UK    
  Darrington, Yorkshire, UK [P0085]   UK    
  Dean Prior, Devon, UK [P0112]   UK    
  Denton, Durham, UK [P0034]   UK    
  Devonport, Devon, UK [P0111]   UK    
  Dinsdale, Durham, UK [P0011]   UK    
  Dorrington, Yorkshire, UK [P0054]   UK    
  Dumpfries, Scotland [P0075]        
  Dunton, Bedfordshire, UK [P0087]   UK    
E East Layton, Yorkshire, UK [P0033]   UK    
  East Thickley, Durham, UK [P0066]   UK    
  Eaton Socon, Bedfordshire, UK [P0012]   UK    
  Egglescliffe, Durham, UK [P0038]   UK    
  Eglingham [P0077]        
  Elston, Bedfordshire, UK [P0092]   UK    
  Exeter, Devon, UK [P0000]   UK    
F Fearby, Yorkshire, UK [P0017]   UK    
  Felmersham [P0088]        
  Fenwick, Northumberland, UK [P0010]   UK    
G Gateshead, Durham, UK [P0004]   UK    
  Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK [P0100]   UK 51°52'01.78"N 2°14'23.42"W
  Goldington, Bedfordshire, UK [P0106]   UK    
  Great Paxton, Hunts, UK [P0094]   UK    
  Great Staughton, Hunts, UK [P0013]   UK    
  Great Stokely [P0021]        
H Haldon Belvedere, Devon, UK [P0113]   UK    
  Hamsterley, Durham, UK [P0067]   UK    
  Haughton [P0036]        
  Hauxwell, Yorkshire, UK [P0048]   UK    
  Hawes, Yorkshire, UK [P0049]   UK    
  Haynes, Bedfordshire, UK [P0107]   UK    
  Henlow, Bedfordshire, UK [P0089]   UK    
  Holborn St Andrew [P0070]        
  Horton Le Springs [P0039]        
  Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire, UK [P0097]   UK    
K Kark Hammerton [P0042]        
  Kendal, UK [P0144]   UK    
  Kildwick, Yorkshire, UK [P0024]   UK    
  Kirknewton, Northumberland, UK [P0007]   UK    
L Lamesley, Durham, UK [P0016]   UK    
  Lancaster, Lancashire, UK [P0143]   UK    
  Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, UK [P0096]   UK    
  Little Stauton, Bedfordshire, UK [P0102]   UK    
  Low Wood Bay Hotel, Windermere [P0119]     54°24'37.11"N 2°57'00.69"W
M Molesworth, Hunts, UK [P0020]   UK    
  Morpeth [P0081]        
  Mutley, Devon, UK [P0115]   UK    
N Newcastle St. Andrews [P0071]        
  Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK [P0003]   UK    
  Newton Abbot, Devon, UK [P0116]   UK    
  North Hill, Cornwall, UK [P0108]   UK    
  Norton, Durham, UK [P0035]   UK    
O Oakley, Bedfordshire, UK [P0059]   UK    
  Old Warden [P0098]        
P Pertenhall, Bedfordshire, UK [P0105]   UK    
  Pinchbeck, West Lincolnshire, UK [P0030]   UK    
  Plymouth, Devon, UK [P0110]   UK    
  Portsea, Hants, UK [P0018]   UK    
R Rattery, Devon, UK [P0117]   UK    
  Richmond, Yorkshire, UK [P0026]   UK    
  Rothbury [P0074]        
S Saddleworth, Yorkshire, UK [P0055]   UK    
  Saxton-In-Elmet, Yorkshire, UK [P0086]   UK    
  Scarth Wood [P0045]        
  Shildon, Durham, UK [P0001]   UK    
  Slothorn Bank [P0046]        
  South Shields [P0037]        
  Southoe, Cambridge, UK [P0056]   UK    
  St Andrew Auckland, Durham, UK [P0064]   UK    
  St Neots, UK [P0022]   UK    
  Stainton, Cleveland, UK [P0053]   UK    
  Staverton, Devon, UK [P0118]   UK    
  Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire, UK [P0148]   UK    
  Stone, Staffordshire, UK [P0083]   UK    
  Stuckeley, Cambridgeshire, UK [P0095]   UK    
T Thirsk, Yorkshire, UK [P0044]   UK    
  Thorne, Yorkshire, UK [P0025]   UK    
  Tilbrook, Bedfordshire, UK [P0103]   UK    
  Titchfield, Hants, UK [P0078]   UK    
  Toddington, Bedfordshire, UK [P0099]   UK    
  Topcliffe by Thirsk [P0032]        
  Tunstall, Yorkshire, UK [P0029]   UK    
U Usworth, Durham, UK [P0015]   UK    
W Wareham, Dorset, UK [P0080]   UK    
  Washington, Durham, UK [P0069]   UK    
  Waterford, Ireland, UK [P0073]   UK    
  Whorlton, Yorkshire, UK [P0041]   UK    
  Willington, Bedfordshire, UK [P0058]   UK    
  Wilshamstead, Bedfordshire, UK [P0061]   UK    
  Wooton By Bedford [P0063]        
Y Yeldon, Bedfordshire, UK [P0093]   UK    
  York, Yorkshire, UK [P0050]   UK